We build software to solve problems and communicate complex concepts, choosing platforms and tools that are best suited to each project, from modern web technologies to native mobile apps. Since 2008 our award-winning team has built and launched projects ranging from simple interactive simulations to large-scale learning management systems.

App Development

Our award-winning mobile app Powers of Minus Ten was featured in Apple's New and Noteworthy and the iPad commercial, "Alive".
We understand what it takes to build and support great apps.

iOS, Android, WebGL, React.js

Powers of Minus Ten

Sugar Shake

Power of Minus Ten app

We build native apps

Back End & Integrations

Our platform development team takes a toolbox approach to every project. We're fluent in Python and Node.js, and we regularly interface with a myriad of product API's, even architecting and building our own. We practice Continuous Integration and are big fans of automation.

Python, Django, Node.js, Redis, PostgreSQL

database flow chart

Back end architecture

Interactive Technology

We've been building in Unity since its inception and can leverage any combination of web and native application technologies. We build our own toolsets to import and simulate real datasets and streamline interactive content creation.

Unity 3D, React.js, WebGL, HTML5, CSS

Sugar Shake app

Sugar Shake

Next expertise

Design & Animation