Data Science

Big data and analytics are the lifeblood of great products. We understand the science behind the data, and our team knows how to structure large amounts of data to make sure we’re drawing the right conclusions and putting the results to work for our clients.


If the last ten years were really about the rise of big data, then the next ten years are surely about what to make of all of the data we’ve collected. We are strong believers in the power of analytics to inform better product design decisions and better user experiences. Our team knows what data to collect, when to collect it and how to leverage it to improve the products that we build.

R, Tableau, SPSS, Hadoop

user interaction graph

Custom analytics collection and reporting

User Testing

Our team has extensive experience in both traditional and modern user testing environments. From testing UI concepts with small groups to executing lecture-hall-sized A/B comparisons, we know how to effectively isolate the variables and crunch the data we collect into meaningful outcomes that make our products better and projects more impactful.

A/B testing, user interviews, analytics, focus groups, paper testing

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One-on-one user interviews

Next expertise

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